Monday, September 8, 2008

BFlex Conference Notes

BFlex Conference on Sept. 7, 2008, Bloomington, IN

Flex books and blogs:
Flex 3 training from the Source by J. Tapper, M.Labriola, M.Boles and J.Talbot
Flex 3 fro Dummies by D.McCune and D.Subramaniam

Flex is based on AIR application approach where application preferences are saved at the user level by applying build-in classes, application not necessarily connects to Internet .
Flex builds RIA (Rich Internet Applications)
Open-source development framework
Based on two languages: 1)XML-based language MXML , 2) object-oriented scripting programming language ActionScript 3 is based on JavaScript.
Cross-platform using AIR/ cross-browser applications using Flash Player
Flex pulls data from the server with an HTTP request by accessing XML files that can be stored on a web server. It can be done even for the mainframe servers!

Flex application process flow:
• Client invokes application
• Flex compiles MXML/ActionScript file into all ActionScript, then
creates a SWF
SWF is cached
■ If file already requested, cached SWF is delivered
• Compiled application SWF downloaded to client
• Application requests additional resources using HTTP, SOAP or AMF
(from flex3FullDayStudentBookHTTPServiceWM_23Mar08-1.pdf)

Has issues with security, data access is not well developed

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